Internet Service Provider for Hope Island Resort

Infinet Broadband Pty Ltd - 1300 101 414

Hope Island Resort runs its own broadband network, owned by the joint bodies corporate. In addition to that, for most locations Infinet Broadband now also offers NBN services. You could even have both if you really want to. Connect with a so-called multi-WAN router with automatic load sharing and backup switching. For those people who run a business from home and rely on the Internet for business that might be a good option.

Call Infinet Broadband Pty Ltd on 1300 101 414 with your address details for a connection proposal to the Hope Island Resort Bodies Corporate network and/or to the National Broadband Network.

Besides that, there are reasonably strong 4G mobile services in most parts of Hope Island Resort. There is also free community WiFi by Vantage Broadband inside the Links Golf Club and inside the Joint Bodies Corporate conference room.

Vantage Broadband